The 4WM Project: Work, Worker, and Workplace Wellbeing in Manufacturing

The 4WM Project: Work, Worker, and Workplace Wellbeing in Manufacturing is funded under WorkSafe Victoria's WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund.  The Project focuses on the development of preventative measures that will foster greater psychosocial safety within workplaces. 


The Mental Health Improvement Fund aims to promote health and wellbeing and prevent mental injury and illness by changing workplace cultures and practices.  Projects funded under this program contribute to building the evidence base on how to create and maintain mentally healthy workplaces. 

The 4WM Project will develop high quality resources, based on solid evidence and best practice research, for manufacturing workers and their employers to ensure the psychological safety and mental wellbeing of workers in the workplace.


Why manufacturing?


Manufacturing is an industry at risk.


The 4WM Project project responds to the needs of the manufacturing industry to support their workers that have historically had low mental health and wellbeing outcomes due to work-related factors.

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The project team will work with representatives/participants from the manufacturing industry, peak bodies and employee representative bodies to develop evidence-based resources for the prevention of mental injury.

Rapid Context will undertake research with workers and employers in order to develop evidence-based tools. These resources will enable manufacturing employers to respond to work-related factors impacting employee mental health and wellbeing at their root cause. The project has three key phases:

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Participating workplaces

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About Rapid Context

Rapid Context has significant experience and expertise providing a strategic research and advisory capability across a number of sectors including Defence and security, health, education, sport and arts. We focus on delivering robust evidence-based insights and analysis with a particular focus on organisational culture, organisational psychology and sociology.



Project Lead: Katherine Post, Managing Director, Business Development

Project Manager: Dr Tegan Donald, Senior Research Consultant

For more information, contact

Rapid Context is committed to conducting its research and evaluation activities in accordance with the principles contained within the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007)(updated 2018). The 4WM Project meets the following key principles within the National Statement: research merit and integrity; justice; beneficence; and respect. 

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