Research Specialist in Organisational Psychology

Alicia is a senior research consultant at Rapid Context. She is a research specialist in organisational psychology with more than ten years’ experience in academic and applied research. Alicia has conducted research across a wide range of topics including information systems alignment, emotional intelligence, complex project management, and stakeholder relationships. Alicia has completed a PhD in Defence-centric complex project management. She has also completed two intensive postdoctoral fellowships and published in A* project management journals. Since joining Rapid Context, Alicia has worked across a range of topics including organisational culture, leadership accountability and career management. 


Alicia has presented her research nationally and internationally. She has expertise in advanced quantitative and qualitative methods of inquiry. Alicia has taught a variety of units at university including business research methods, organisational behaviour, and leadership and executive coaching. While currently not practicing, Alicia is a registered psychologist. 


  • PhD, Management

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology (Honours)

  • Bachelor of Applied Psychology

  • Psychologist’s Registration Psychology Board of Australia


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Mazur, Alicia K., Pisarski, Anne, Chang, Artemis, & Ashkanasy, Neal (2014) Rating defence major project success: the role of personal attributes and stakeholder relationships. International Journal of Project Management, 32(6), pp. 944-957. 


Alicia's blogs can be read here.