Our Subject Matter Experts Network


Rapid Context utilises an “on demand Subject Matter Expert (SME) network” model for staffing. It is based on actively encouraging and engaging with a diverse group of high qualified and

experience people, particularly mothers returning to the workforce and others seeking flexible work arrangements to work with us on projects that best suit their expertise and interest. Please not that this is not based on a prime and subcontracting relationship, Rapid Context is the employer and we have a team of people working with us on our books.  We employ people full time, part time and casually.  


Additionally Rapid Context has access to and continues to develop an extensive cadre of academics with specific research interest in a wide range of related fields such as anthropology, psychology, organisational development, public policy and security  who are happy to work on specific projects that require their expertise. We encourage the academics in our team to maintain their primary research interest, fellowships and affiliations with academic institutes. In this way we get the best of both worlds, on demand access to highly qualified, expert and contemporary team that also continues to maintain and build on their academic eminence. We attract a talented, motivated team of researchers who can both deliver practical change alongside pursuing their academic intellectual interests.  

Please contact us to see how we can work together.

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