Strategy, Policy & Culture

Development, Implementation + Evaluation

Social policies and strategies

We conduct targeted reviews of existing policies and/or strategies in your organisation, identifying gaps, and making recommendations for best practice.  In addition we can assist with writing policies or strategies from the ground up to align with organisational objectives.

Workplace issues

We specialise in reviews of specific workplace issues or work areas. This could be a particular branch/directorate/division, location or ‘tribe’ in your organisation or institution. Alternatively it could be slow burning ongoing issue that is hard to articulate beyond being a “culture problem”.


Culture evaluation frameworks

We develop and implement frameworks for evaluating culture and culture change. These are longitudinal and aim to build an evidence base for demonstrating achieving success over time. This goes beyond an excel spreadsheet of KPIs, rather it is about defining what success (and failure) looks like, developing a narrative for your cultural intent, and identifying and remediating barriers to achieving sustainable and authentic change.

Impact of initiatives

We use a mixed method approach to analyse the impact of culture/change reform efforts, either specifically or holistically.

Discussing the Numbers
Discussing the Numbers
Team Meeting
Team Meeting