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It is essential for organisations to have the skills to be able to conduct their own research and analysis on an ongoing basis to support executive decision making. We are committed to knowledge sharing and knowledge building.

Research and critical questioning

Enable your staff to critically analyse and synthesise complex or hard to find data to inform decision making


Learning outcomes:

  • Ability to identify and apply critical research questions

  • Ability to differentiate and source high quality and low-quality data

  • How to interpret and apply the information you find

  • Basic results presentation

Research and Policy and Strategy development


Enable your staff to collate and apply critical data to inform policy and strategy development


Learning outcomes

  • How to find the evidence you need

  • How to interpret and apply the information you find.

  • Baseline drafting


Organisational Culture

Designed to support your cultural change strategy implementation and your broader organisational change objectives


Leadership and Organisational Culture


Empower your staff to understand the impact and implications that organisational culture has on company and team dynamics.


Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the factors that affect organisational culture and climate

  • Understanding the effects on teams, individuals and leadership systems

  • How to identify red flags

  • How to communicate and act on concerns

  • Skills for ongoing evaluation


Changing your organisational culture


Learning outcomes

  • Learn why culture management is an important part of change management

  • Identify key actions and plans you need to create an action plan

  • How to adopt a positive organisational approach to culture change

  • Understand the different behaviour measurement methods to measure culture change



Flexible Work


Understanding Flexible Work


Enable leaders, managers and small teams to understand the basic foundations of flexible work and how your organisation can use it.



  • Australian Legislation

  • Business Case

  • Flexible work types

  • The difference between flexible work, work-life balance and well-being

  • Expectation management

  • Perspectives and skills needed for success

  • Individual and organisational challenges

  • Accountability, trust and empowerment

  • Case studies

How to lead and manage a flexible team


Empower managers to understand and predict their team needs, and maximise output.




  • Rethinking where, when and how teams can work together

  • Logistics of flexible teams

  • Understanding the needs of flexible workforces

  • Intergenerational teams

  • Common challenges and obstacles

  • Practical solutions

  • Fundamental perspectives and skills needed for success

  • How to develop a sustainable, enabling environment

  • Building trust

  • Communication and information sharing

  • Shifting from output to tasks and deliverables

  • How to manage when it goes wrong

  • Case studies

Understanding the needs of a flexible worker


This is a more detailed looked into the challenges and enablers of a flexible workforce. This course is designed for those who are needing further development and understanding.


  • A more detailed look into the challenges and enablers of FW

  • The difference between work-life balance, well-being and flexible work

  • Individual and organisational challenges

  • Communication

  • Infrastructure

  • Ongoing/changing needs

  • Strategies for difficult conversations

  • Case studies

Employee support


Inform and empower individuals who are considering a FWA or about to start one, or are new to a flexible workforce



  • Organisational perspectives and needs

  • Workplace flexibility success

  • Skills and behaviours required

  • Overcoming unconscious bias

  • Accountability, trust and communication

  • Strategies to maximise work time

  • How to avoid burn out

Facilitated Workshops


Strategies and obstacles to complex issues


Develop a collective understanding within senior leadership groups, HR teams, boards, committees, stakeholders, decision makers. Teams leave with a clear overview of collective insights as to where the team is at, where they want to go and suggestions of how to get there. A final report is developed post workshop and delivered to Executive team.


Common issues: Flexible work; Organisation culture & climate; leadership & accountability; unacceptable behaviour; employee engagement



  • Teams (from 5-200 people) coming together for a facilitated workshop to flush out unconscious bias, beliefs and ideas. This can also be tailored to address specific problems. We use real time data collection and use the results to tailor content to your current context and specific needs within the room.

  • Move through issues and gain insight into where you are, where you want to be and what is stopping you from getting there.

  • Drill down on any issues from data collected.

  • Open discussion on benefits and feasibility

  • Examination of all considerations

  • Development of a roadmap for success and what it might look like

  • Strategy development session

Coaching and Mentoring

Our mentoring and coaching package provides you with additional support at the conclusion of the workshop, we can review or discuss existing policies, or give specific advice on set issues. Consulting may take via the phone, zoom or in person, and can be one on one or small teams (maximum of three). Additional fees may apply for travel costs.


Tailored content


Want something a little different to what you have seen? We are able to tailor our approaches to meet your unique needs.


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