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Our ways of working and particularly our strong emphasis on rigourous and evidence based problem archaeology, means that we are able to modularise our work. We are therefore ideally placed to collaborate with partner organisations who are also working to help our clients to understand and solve their problems. 

In considering fit we take into account our partner organisation’s culture, attitude to rigour in problem diagnostic and solution development and most importantly client focus.  We also insist on maintaining our editorial independence and generally do not like collaborating if we are unable to do an identifiably discreet element of the project.


We are very protective of our unique culture.  If you have a strong desire for practical and applied academia, are passionate about solving complex problems and are comfortable with ambiguity and complete work freedom, then we are interested in hearing from you.  We strongly encourage working mothers and parents in general who are looking for flexibility in how they work to come and work with us.  You are welcome to bring your babies to work, work from home, or a mix of both. We know that affording you flexibility means that you bring your A game to your work.  Toxic leaders and followers are not welcome and will be quickly weeded out regardless of how brilliant or successful you are, or have been in the past.

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