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Remote Working Survey 2020

How can you best support staff working from home?

How is your remote workforce going?

What are their needs and challenges?

Remote Working
Remote Working Survey 2020

Rapid Context’s Remote Working Survey 2020 is designed to give employers, managers and supervisors rapid feedback on the remote working needs of their staff.

Three easy steps:

  1. Click the button below to sign up for the survey.

  2. Share the survey amongst your employees.

  3. Results emailed back to you within 5 working days.

The survey takes no more than ten minutes and is designed to help you understand how well your team has transitioned to remote working, and to identify areas where you can provide extra support.

The survey covers:

  • Remote Working Context 

  • Remote Working Set Up 

  • Current Challenges 

  • Workloads and Tasks 

  • Communication and Support 

  • Psychological Safety

The survey is available now and free of charge. Simply click the black button below, fill out your details and we will email you the survey link.