Moving between academia, industry and policy audiences, Joy’s focus is to translate complex research findings into practical, applied insights and recommendations that result in impactful change for individuals and collectives. As a researcher and organisational culture expert, Joy uses her subject matter expertise to assist organisations to effectively use evidence to improve the quality of their workplaces.

She works across all stages of empirical research - rapidly collecting and analysing data to produce high quality applied social research which organisations can effectively implement. Joy has high-level interviewing expertise, including specialised skills for conducting interviews related to sensitive and complex subject areas. Joy believes that research that prioritises an understanding of peoples lived experience is fundamental for effective policy-making and implementation. Her experience working with organisations across both the public and private sector has equipped her with significant knowledge of the common but complex problems faced by organisations, and the ability to provide evidence-based advice on a range of issues related to organisational culture.

Joy’s academic research portfolio is focussed in the area of critical sexuality studies and includes a number of empirical qualitative studies on sensitive and complex topics. Her approach is profoundly interdisciplinary – stretching across the disciplines of sociology, cultural studies, queer studies, women’s and gender studies as well as pulling from the schools of philosophy and literary studies.

Joy’s doctorate thesis, titled ‘Her Sexual Self’ (www.hersexualself.com.au) is a qualitative study investigating young women’s sexual subjectivities. Joy employed a narrative methodological design to present a nuanced examination of young women’s sexualities. The study brings the lived experiences of young women into dialogue with existing theoretical arguments concerning agency. For this project, Joy was a recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award.


Joy also works as an educator in various capacities - presenting research findings and expertise to students and stakeholders. She is passionate about partnering with individuals and organisations who desire to think differently. She is particularly drawn to complexity - her mission is to enable a more nuanced understanding of complex spaces. She brings an inherent curiosity to all aspects of her work, and a collaborative approach to achieving a more productive conceptualisation of the issue at hand.


  • PhD, Gender and Sexualities

  • Honours (class 1), Sociology

  • Bachelor of Arts

  • NVivo for Qualitative Research