Policy Analyst | Lawyer | General Manager

Katherine has more than 10 years’ experience conducting high quality research and providing strategic and policy advice at the highest level. Katherine is a policy specialist and lawyer who has significant expertise in federal government and parliamentary processes.


Katherine began her career in the federal Parliamentary Library in 2007, providing vital research services to Members of Parliament. From 2008, Katherine worked in senior advisory roles for a number of federal Cabinet Ministers in the Rudd and Gillard Governments (2008-2013) across a range of subject matter areas including legal and regulatory reform, housing and homelessness and women’s policy. She has taken a leadership role on significant national reforms and provided strategic policy, legislative and media advice to the highest levels of Government. She has also worked in a number of roles in the Commonwealth public sector including most recently as a senior project consultant at the Indigenous Land Corporation.


Katherine has a deep interest in how evidence-based research can be utilised to inform policy and make a real difference in people’s lives. For example, while a senior advisor to several governments, Katherine was a driver of using quantitative and qualitative research to improve legislation. She is passionate about seeing the change that can come from an academic approach to research. At Rapid Context Katherine is focused on delivering positive outcomes for clients through a rigorous approach.

Professional and Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts/Law (Hons), Australian National University

Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, Australian National University


Extensive experience providing high quality research and strategic advice to Members of Parliament, the Executive Government, Commonwealth agencies and the Australian Defence Force.

Significant experience driving policy, regulatory and legislative reform.

In-depth knowledge of federal government and parliamentary processes.