Lindy is a highly skilled public health professional with more than 25 years’ experience across public and private sectors. She has particular expertise in quantitative and qualitative research including survey design, data collection (surveying and qualitative interviewing) and data analysis. Lindy is passionate about ensuring we ask the right questions to collect accurate data needed to answer our clients’ questions and deliver targeted insights to complex problems.


Lindy is particularly valued by our clients for her quantitative data expertise – she is highly skilled at reviewing existing data sets, and identifying data gaps or areas where the data collected is not being utilised to its best potential.  Lindy is also highly skilled at reviewing and comparing results to findings in order to identify potential gaps in analysis.


Lindy brings to Rapid Context her significant experience in population health in state and territory governments, including communicable disease surveillance for: HIV/AIDS; Tuberculosis; Meningococcal Disease; foodborne illness as well as non-communicable disease surveillance including: health service usage; health status; and behavioural risk factor monitoring.


At Rapid Context, Lindy brings the ‘worked’ experience lens to the academic theories posed by others.  She has an eye for implementation challenges, and a talent for asking the questions that others don’t (often playing devil’s advocate) to ensure that our research findings and recommendations have real world applicability and a practical focus.


  • Master of Public Health

  • Graduate Diploma in Social Science (Research)

  • Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Administration)

  • Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

  • Member of The Australasian Epidemiological Association.


  • Guest Editor; ACT Population Health Bulletin. Volume 2, Issue 1, February 2013

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​Lindy writes on topics such as survey methodology, how to ask difficult questions and more. Read her blogs here.