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15 November 2020

Dr. Samantha Crompvoets' statement on the review of Special Operations Command Culture


Dr Samantha Crompvoets is a military sociologist and Defence culture expert who was engaged in mid 2015 by LTGEN Angus Campbell, then Chief of Army, and MAJGEN Jeffrey Sengelman, Special Operations Commander Australia, to interview members of the national security community and gather their perceptions on the role and capabilities of Australian Special Operations Forces.


This report triggered the four-year investigation into allegations of war crimes and serious misconduct amongst the SOCOMD community, led by supreme court judge, MAJGEN Paul Brereton.


“A core part of my skill set is gaining very rich insights from interviews. Senior leaders engage me to tell the truth, no matter how ugly it is, and I take my duty to be ‘frank and fearless’ seriously,” said Dr Crompvoets.


“The nature of what was described to me during the review was particularly disturbing because it demonstrated the ‘normalisation’ of, and de-sensitisation to, certain behaviours. The chain of command appeared to be broken. Junior soldiers had too much autonomy over their actions and the ability and opportunity to conceal their behaviour.”


“The stories I was hearing came from multiple vantage points. They were corroborated.

The disclosures of alleged atrocities were potential war crimes.”


Eighteen months into MAJGEN Paul Brereton’s investigation, Dr Crompvoets’ report was leaked to the press, and the public discourse focused on the fact that she was a woman and had described herself as a feminist on her Twitter profile.


“I was trolled online and slandered on mainstream news and media. I was slammed for trying to ‘feminise Defence’ and people, who clearly had not read the report, assumed I was trying to ‘castrate’ Special Forces,” she said. “In reality, feminism was a huge enabler for my work because it gave me the confidence to tell an ugly truth to powerful men in a highly male-dominated organisation.”


“I am relieved that the IGADF’s investigation has now concluded. I’m proud of the work I’ve done and the role I was able to play in bringing truth to light.”


Dr Crompvoets has confidence in Defence’s ongoing response to these issues:


“Defence values integrity. It is the voices of individuals within SOCOMD itself that have been heard and validated by the IGADF’s report. Those within SOCOMD and the wider Defence organisation who brought forward and thoroughly investigated these issues deserve our respect and commendation. The profound impact on all Defence personnel associated with this matter, and their families, must not be underestimated.”





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24 June 2020

Rapid Context awarded funding to improve mental health and wellbeing in the manufacturing sector

Rapid Context has been successfully awarded funding under WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund.

The WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund aims to promote mental health and wellbeing and prevent mental injury and illness by changing workplace cultures and practices.  Projects funded under WorkWell will contribute to building the evidence base on how to create and maintain mentally healthy workplaces. 

Working within the manufacturing industry, Rapid Context will undertake a significant project over two years to develop high quality, evidence-based resources to help Victorian manufacturing workplaces address work related factors impacting on the mental health and wellbeing of their workers.

‘This is a fantastic initiative by WorkSafe to improve worker mental health and wellbeing.’ Rapid Context Director Dr Samantha Crompvoets said.

This project, called The 4WM Project: Work, Worker, and Workplace Wellbeing in Manufacturing, responds to the needs of the manufacturing industry where workers have historically had low mental health and wellbeing outcomes due to work-related factors.

 ‘Rapid Context is proud to be able to utilise our expertise, in partnership with WorkSafe, for the benefit of Victorian manufacturing workplaces’, Rapid Context Director Dr Samantha Crompvoets said.

About the project:

The 4WM Project: Work, Worker, and Workplace Wellbeing in Manufacturing will develop tools to empower Victorian manufacturing workplaces to better ensure psychological safety and mental wellbeing of their workers. Rapid Context will undertake research with workers and employers at select trial sites, in order to develop evidence-based tools to enable manufacturing employers to respond to work-related factors impacting employee mental health and wellbeing at their root cause.

In Phase One the project will work with manufacturing employers to develop the evidence base. In Phase Two, this evidence base will be used to inform the development of tailored manufacturing industry mental health content to supplement WorkSafe’s existing WorkWell Toolkit. This project involves extensive knowledge sharing, including through a series of manufacturing industry Seminars delivered in Phase Three, as well as the development and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation framework to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project for the benefit of Victorian manufacturing workers and employers into the future.





12 July 2018



Rapid Context wins at the 2018 Telstra Business Awards



Rapid Context is very proud to have been awarded the ACT Telstra Small and Succeeding Business of the Year for 2018.


“I am incredibly honoured that our team has been recognised by the Telstra Business Awards”, said Rapid Context founder Dr Samantha Crompvoets.


“I founded Rapid Context four years ago to meet a demand I could see for a consulting firm that combines academic rigour with the responsiveness of traditional consulting firms.”


“Rapid Context is a research consultancy that is passionate about providing robust evidence and analysis to help our clients solve complex problems and support senior leaders to make the important decisions that lead to enduring change” Dr Crompvoets said.


Rapid Context provides clients with high quality research to meet urgent needs, and we develop trusted and authentic relationships to help them solve sensitive and complex problems.


“It is a great privilege to work on meaningful societal issues and we deeply appreciate the trust that our clients have in us,” Dr Crompvoets said.


“Our most special asset is the incredible team that is the soul of our organisation. We are proud to have leading experts in policy and culture change translating academic rigour and research into practical recommendations on issues such as leadership, workplace bullying and diversity and inclusion.


“We want to disrupt traditional approaches to consulting that can be an inch deep and a mile wide, by deeply engaging with complex problems to find real solutions.”


“What I am most proud of, and what really sets us apart, is how we do what we do. We aim to lead by example when it comes to diversity, inclusion and flexible work. Utilising our passion for evidence-based change we are rewriting the rules of traditional workplaces to empower our employees to do meaningful work in a way that fits within the broader context of their lives”.


“I want to thank Telstra for this recognition, and to warmly congratulate the other finalists and award recipients in today’s Telstra Business Awards”, Dr Crompvoets said.