Where are we and how did we get here?

Are we asking the right questions? How did the problem manifest in the first place?

In the context of organisational research, we use the methods of archaeology: methodical digging at multiple layers, the analysis of artefacts, and questioning assumptions around values, behaviours and interactions.

The aim is to conduct the research rapidly and with academic rigour.  We utilise a number of methods to develop an understanding of your issue at multiple levels:

  • Micro – individual; lived experience

  • Meso – Senior Leaders, middle management, organisation as a whole

  • Macro – society, sector, government


These methods enable us to identify dependencies and disconnects, and develop a targeted strategy to implement sustainable change.


Traditionally, archaeology examines human activity through recovery and analysis of artefacts, architecture and cultural landscapes.


Building an evidence base:

We use two or more of the following when examining a problem, issue or question:

• Data mining existing data sets (Workforce data, attitude surveys, climate scans, pulse surveys)

• Systematic, scoping or narrative literature review

• Discourse analysis of key organisational documents – everyday communications, reviews, reports.

• Review of perceptions of the organisation through analysis of mainstream, social and other media

• Stakeholder/employee interviews

• Diary study with employees


Other targeted research if necessary.