Research and Analysis

We deliver

  • Short exploratory reports: Rapid context regarding an urgent issue or problem (4-6 weeks)

  • In-depth reports with recommendations: select analysis of existing data sets, complimented by targeted research if necessary (6-10 weeks)

  • Meta-analysis: synthesis of multiple existing data sets in your organisation to identify gaps and duplication, and insight in to trends and emerging issues. Complimented by targeted research if necessary (8-12 weeks)

The outcomes can include

  • Deep understanding of the narratives of members/employees at many levels of the organisation

  • Identification of imperceptible links and dependencies

  • Gap analysis between member/employee perceptions and practices to identify connects and disconnects

  • Targeted research and analysis rather than fishing expeditions

  • Production of a body of data and knowledge that can be utilised time and time again

  • Benchmarking to similar organisations or sectors

  • Development of an organisational narrative to anchor change or reform objectives

  • Sophisticated committee and decision support briefs - we will help you to write impactfully, evidence based and convincing decision and update briefs that will authentically and honestly report findings to senior committees that will actually result in good decisions and outcomes.

Outcomes and Benefits

We’ve spent  a great deal of effort in this website explaining how we do what we do, but what does that look like and what will the outcomes and benefits be?

Design Sociology offerings

  • Co-designing implementation prototypes - we can work with you in a co-design partnership to design small impactful implementation prototypes that either leverage the findings of our reports commissioned by you, or help you to make sense of other review recommendations  or consultancy reports that you have been given for "implementation and roll out”.


  • Build-Measure-Learn frameworks - we can work with you in co-design partnership; a Build, Measure, Learn evaluation cycle that helps you to fail fast, fail safe, fail cheap and learn fast on the way to practical and achievable success. The key is that we co-design and we won’t leave you alone to fail.