Research + Evaluation

We believe that impactful and lasting change can only be built on a solid evidence-base.


We provide both private and Government organisations with robust evidence-based research and analysis for use in policy development, change initiatives, or strategy development. This includes a range of innovative mixed method approaches, based on validated tools and methodologies.

Strategic Research Capablity

Our speciality is in research translation and benchmarking outcomes to other organisations or sectors to provide you maximum insight about your current context.


Our approach enables the identification of dependencies and disconnects and leads to the development of targeted strategies to implement sustainable change.

The 4WM Project: Work, Worker, and Workplace Wellbeing in Manufacturing

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Monitoring and Evaluation

We specialise in delivering robust monitoring and evaluation frameworks for programs, projects and strategies.

COVID-19 Remote Working Survey

“Science & Technology Australia recently worked with Rapid Context on our inaugural Review of Australian STEM Associations and Societies, to deepen our understanding of the economic benefits driven by these organisations, their gender equity profile, and what drives growth in membership. Sam and her team were a delight to work with. They were indeed rapid, but they were also focused, friendly, flexible, and highly professional and personable. We’re a small client but Rapid Context made it clear that they genuinely valued their relationship with us. Even months after the report had been finalised and delivered the team were generous with their time and feedback, supporting us to fulfil our mission. I highly recommend the Rapid Context team.”


Science & Technology Australia

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