Dr Leanne Francia started her career in the private sector, spending over ten years in boutique law firms. Leanne later expanded her professional experience and worked as a children’s counsellor and volunteer crisis support worker for Lifeline. Leanne has taught a number of psychology units at a tertiary level. Through her work with clients from diverse backgrounds Leanne brings a wealth of real-world experience to her work.

Leanne is currently the State Adviser for Child, Youth and Family for the National Council of Women Queensland and has a deep interest in topics 

that involve the impact of family violence on women and children. Leanne’s PhD thesis focused on family violence and separated parents’ experiences of the Australian family law system Throughout and since her PhD Leanne has published a number of peer reviewed papers and presented her findings at conferences, both nationally and internationally.

Leanne has worked in a number of evaluative research projects involving family and sexual violence intervention programs. Leanne’s expertise lay in applied research and qualitative research design. Leanne has an interest in working in sensitive and complex areas, and is not afraid to ask the difficult questions that ensure research findings reflect the lived experience of the individual.

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Grace is a current PhD candidate and a casual academic teaching a range of undergraduate psychology courses including social, organisational, and health psychology.   She has experience with qualitative and quantitative research methods, systematic reviews, and specialises in quantitative analysis. 

 As part of her candidature, Grace is conducting a large randomised controlled trial working with mental health services across multiple local health districts in NSW.  The trial aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a telephone support service for health behaviour change in people with a mental health condition. 

She has also worked on research to develop smoking cessation messages for cancer patients, collaborating with oncologists, radiology nurses, Indigenous advisors and cancer patients. 


Grace has a particular interest in psychological wellbeing in the workplace.  In previous employment, she worked as a Senior Case Manager for workers’ insurance, managing complex workplace psychological injuries and working with stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes and effective return to work.  In this role she also developed training materials, conducted workshops, and assisted the government body, iCare, to develop their publication on best practice methods for managing psychological injuries.


Grace is in the process of publishing a number of academic journal articles from her research.  With other undergraduate majors in Linguistics, English, and Writing, she has a strong interest in teaching social science and communicating research findings clearly and effectively for different mediums and audiences.

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Madeleine has a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in Applied Linguistics and Gender Studies. She has experience conducting and analysing  semi-structured interviews for research projects. Madeleine has research interests in the areas of gender and the military, workplace culture, and employment law. She is currently completing her Juris Doctor.