Director | Sociologist

Samantha is a Director at Rapid Context and has 20 years of experience in the design, implementation, analysis and reporting of strategic and academic research. She has a dynamic portfolio of research that is multi-disciplinary, mixed method, and has involved translating research findings to a variety of audiences, from academic and government to consumers, and many in between. Her high quality multi-disciplinary evidence based research which draws from data and experience will provide insights into relationships between gender, job satisfaction, unacceptable behaviour, well-being and organisational culture.  

Samantha began her career as an academic specialising in Sociology of Health.  She always loved the rigour and uncompromising integrity that academic thinking brought to complex problems. However from the outset Samantha was impatient and frustrated by the tension between the time needed for academically rigorous research versus the real world need for rapid evidence-based applied research.


She realised that traditional management consultancy offerings did not meet this need, and clearly saw the need and gap in the market.  In response she founded Rapid Context and now works with large organisations such as Defence, Defence industry, large sporting bodies, and the national security sector.

Samantha has combined her business with her passion for harnessing the power of flexible work to build a strong team of talented academics and researchers working flexibly on high impact projects.

Professional and Educational Background

PhD, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, ANU (Sociology)

BSc (hons), University of Melbourne (History and philosophy of science/psychology)


Conducted comprehensive research on organisational culture and organisational climate, in particular how these impact the health, wellbeing, attitudes and behaviours of Defence personnel.

Extensive empirical research of a number of specific defence cohorts, including veterans, women, reservists, mothers and health care consumers. In particular she has conducted analyses of health and wellbeing, identity and organisational culture and change.

In-depth experience in identifying current workforce issues and intimate knowledge of defence culture    


In depth reviews of sensitive and complex topics in institutional contexts