Flexible Work and Education Specialist | General Manager

Sara Edwards is the General Manager of People and Culture at Rapid Context and specialises in the implementation and empowerment of flexible workplaces. Sara is a senior researcher and advisor and has an extensive portfolio across sensitive and complex topics such as organisational culture, well being, gender and unacceptable behaviours. She collaborates with clients across industries to develop strategic responses to workplace issues, analyse and report on organisational culture, minimise risks and assist with education and training. 

Sara has over 17 years experience in the education and training sector, and has worked across the tertiary, primary and early childhood education sector, specialising in individual and family support. In addition she has spent the last five years developing and delivering training to senior leadership and teams on flexible work and workforces, well being, organisational culture and unacceptable behaviour. She has a deep understanding of the changing needs of an individual across their lifespan and uses this unique viewpoint to work with both senior leadership and HR teams to evaluate policies and procedures and ensure there is a right fit between company values and employee needs.

Professional and Educational Background

Master of Teaching (Primary), Charles Sturt University

BECS, University of Melbourne.


Assisted in the design and delivery of numerous research projects and evaluations in both the private and pubic sector.

Extensive research experience across a range of Defence topics including child care, female veterans, alcohol and substance misuse, women in combat and work pattern analysis.

Oversees quality assurance and project delivery

In-depth reviews of literature and situation analysis.

Worked extensively with flexibly work arrangements.

Worked extensively with urban, rural and remote settings.

Worked in the public and private sector of education.