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"We are concerned with methodical digging for systematic information, not with the upturning of earth in a hunt for the bones of saints and giants or the armoury of heroes, or just plainly for treasure."

R.E. Mortimer Wheeler

How We Work



We provide organisations with high quality defensible research to meet urgent needs without compromising rigour. Using qualitative and quantitative research and analysis we assist organisations in solving sensitive and complex problems. These could be related to policy change or development, reform, culture change, or targeted issues such as leadership, workplace bullying and diversity and inclusion.


Where possible we leverage existing data sets within organisations, and where appropriate, augment this with benchmarking and empirical research.


Our experienced team of specialists analyse issues using different lenses and vantage points – not off the shelf models - to provide a more complete appreciation of the problem and develop solutions that are tailored to your specific context.

What We Deliver

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